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The official community for Kinder World, an in-development game for healing, houseplants and practicing kindness.

A friendly place for Roblox developers to help each other with Scripting and Modeling, Hire or Join other developers, Get feedback on your creations, and just regular chatting with some developers!

Welcome to Horizon. @everyone Horizon is a friendly server for you and your friends to self promote, voice chat and relax Bellow you will find information about the server Server Partnerships (no requirements)

uwu discord server


A small friendly server interested in Anime, Gaming and Art!! ๐Ÿ’ž

Se stai cercando codici conto amazon esclusivi, offerte lampo e la migliore attrezzatura gaming ai prezzi piรน bassi: Entra nel nostro server! Amazon.it Offerte Tecnologia Amazon.it Outlet Moda Amazon.de Angebot Amazon.es Chollos

A server for anyone to join, socialize, and game together! Make friends and unforgettable moments here in TheOccasionals Discord server! This is the official TheOccasionals Discord server!

Our objective is to be a common grounds for casual and competitive games. Bringing together the small community we have; having games and players searching to play throughout the day.

Hi Im cooper and this server s made for chilling and making new friends


We play valorant, R6, fort, apex, minecraft, and more. just join for some fun we are usually active everyday!

It's a very good Indian server. Here you can find free fire player, also gametv players,you can hear music also. Friendly discord server.

A VRChat world created by femboy-kenzie, and this is the server c: #wholesome

The Thirteenth is more than a loose association of gamers; to many of our members it has become a meaningful part of life. We cheer and congratulate each other when something great happens and we support and listen when a member has a rough day.

Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. It is maintained and funded by Offensive Security.

this actually works

cool lounge is a small community that is looking to grow! if you could join, that would be great!