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This is a dark urban fantasy RP server emphasizing gritty realism, player agency, and out-of-the-box thinking. This project has been in development for well over a year at this point, but progress has been agonizingly slow due to lack of writers.

We are Unknown Gaming, a chill Rocket League server open to ALL ranks! We are constantly striving to provide a friendly/competitive environment for gamers to hang out and enjoy themselves, with our admin team and active mods organizing community events


Crave an adventure among the stars? The Dark Side strike your fancy? Got a little Rebel in you? Legends of the Galaxy takes place a long time ago in that familiar place far, far away The Old Republic era to be exact.

welcome to erni,, ┊✧*。 ✯┊☪︎⋆✧*。 ┊ ↷ ⁞ pretty chill server ↷ ⁞ active staff & owners ↷ ⁞ safe space

Welcome to Survivors, a place for all cancer survivors, their friends & loved ones, and anyone associated with the cancer journey. Grow with us as we support those most important to us!

Our politically and socially oriented community's goal is to bring you freedom of speech with the least amount of limitations possible!

IntrovertsOnly is a community based around making a safe haven for introverts and Introverts Only. If You Are Not An Introvert Turn Back Now!

Under construction...

server dedicato al gaming puro e al divertimento

Like feet? Like buying and selling feet? Or gaining inspiration from other foot models. This is the server for you 💜 join our community and help us grow

We like to chill/game/vibe here

Serveur parc d'attraction Français dans Minecraft.

A Community Server For MCCxChickinWIng And Friends

Just a new hangout, It is still work in progress, but everyone is welcome.

A casual Demon slayer server! Feel free to come join and chat!