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Welcome to Life and Chill! We are a multi purpose server that is aiming to grow as much as possible, and we talk about games, life, school, sports, and more! We also host movie nights and game nights! So, join our server and help us grow!

Join the official server of Classic Gaming.

A new chill weeb community that is constantly growing and getting updated. Check our page to see all the features (and future features) offered in our humble server, the only thing missing are active members like YOU!

Welcome to Summit! We're trying to start a gaming group with a focus on Call Of Duty, but all games are welcome!

Hi All, Do you have a hard time waking up early, exercising regularly, reading daily, and eating healthy? We will support each other as accountable partners to form good habits to become routines.

Chill Community No toxic All Gamers! Just hit 100 members

We hope you join this gaming server . Mostly we play among us or we chill and talk and enjoy and meet new people . Are server is great for meeting friends and gaming .

this server is made for fun ppl!

This is a place to come to rest, relax and make friends with others who share the same interests as you do. We are LGBTQ+ Inclusive and will greet you with open arms!

Meet random people to chill talk with, vent with and invite to play games with!

CodeWorks is a friendly coding community for all programmers. It consists of all major programming languages and has a friendly staff.

A growing furry community who would love to accept new members! Come swing around and engage in the community! We hope to meet you there 🌾

SootDavid's discord server


A community. A Society. Yeah. Join the shit my boys.