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Pásate un rato por mi servidor, encontraras gran diversión, y recuerda que tambien puedes compartir este links, para que llegue mas personas, y así formemos un ejercicio para restablecer la unión soviética, ok, ignora lo anterior, te veo en el servidor.

💁‍♀️ei ei, quer divulgar seu servidor TOTALMENTE de GRAÇA e de uma forma simples? então esse é o servidor ideal para você!!

Hey there, I'm not sure If you have heard, but I'm from Evo Gaming group, A community based around content creators aspiring to be more. We run organic growth with no pyramid scheme with an equality mantra. We are a family here. We have the mentality that

We are a active growing community with a variety of bots and we help you to write code/viruses.

🌎A community with the goal to teach you about trading stocks. 📈 👽 Join now!

We do videochat parties 24/7, nothing else. 2~20 people in each. We're about fun, friendship and collaboration. Often, it's like a party with several rooms open at any time, day or night! RULES: Face on cam Adults only (18+) Good sound

Server for everyone.

It's a simple server. You just join and have fun.

Welcome to The Gaming Hut! This is a server for people who enjoy gaming with a relaxed community that's all about having fun!

Welcome to Temmie Village, an Undertale appreciation Discord server!

Anivasion is a community that aims to provide people all around the world a place to share their hobbies, make friends, and have fun.We're here to provide a second home for people all around the world to connect.

This server is mainly made for gaming, anime, art, pokefans, entertainment, fun, etc

This is a server where you can meet new people that might have the same hobbies and interests like yours!!

Seeking a server where u could make friends? Cloud Café is just what u need!! There's always someone there to welcome you and you'll be able to meet new people. We have a variety of chats and we're always up for any suggestions. join now!


Join our server to do a number of really fun minecraft bedrock and java related things.