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A server for lovers of games and streams alike, but most of all, for fans of TheMartyred and ApricotFish who run the server. Come chat with us, get notifications for our streams and even play with us in community events like DS3 and Minecraft.

Welcome in FJ UNIVERSE! We playing EpicRPG and PokeTwo, also investing and giving GiveAways in cryptocurrencies!

❑. :: what is this server? ✦. :: we're a soft/wholesome themed server! this should be a safe space for anyone/everyone that joins. (:

Well feel free to Introduce yourself, open for all new comers as well as existing ones too if you like, tips & ideas on anything like games, music, bout life, (if you want to share). just chill and talks

D4RK W3B is a service that gives you the option of inexpensive Network Booting, Sites Booting, VPN Accounts, Netflix Accounts and many more!

Hey we are a super new server called The Server looking to grow into a community for like-minded people. We are a simple 18+ server for people to just chill, hangout, watch movies, and play games with no toxicity or drama.

Una Comunidad Pequeña Que pronto Sera Grande!

🤖 Programming! 🎉 Fun! 😆 Community! Join Now!

A place to discuss anarcho-capitalism and similar political ideologies

For people who like anime, manga, kpop, video games and more.

Willkommen auf dem offiziellen Techgarage Discord Server.

Hi and welcome here you can chat,listen to music,chill,make new friends and have fun in the live events it shall be hosted by a admin or maybe just a DJ there is not only music played in the live events other things could be happening aswell.

Welcome to the family! Very Talented is setting out to be one of the fastest growing streaming communities out there! In this discord you’ll find everything you need to find other streamers who play the same games you do!

Welcome to Bonfire in this server you can meet new people to spend time with. At Bonfire, we have activities like rpg, counting, and qotd.

0zies Atticis a discord ive created for my followers/subscribers to come and message eachother and me.

The community server for the exhale anarchy Minecraft server. Join to gain access to the Minecraft server!