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Your journey starts here, each buyer will receive one of 4000 animated space-themed NFT's.

This discord server is an amazing discord community server where you can meet a lot of new friends to chat/play (video) games with. It is a discord created for everyone around the globe! have fun, see you there :D

A server full of gamers.

Download and Play over 5 Space Simulations!

The network hub where you can chill with members from different anime-based/community servers Our main goal is to have a safe, fun and great experience in a well organised multi server community.

This is a server for chatting and roleplay! ^_^ There are many different species and roleplay power roles! There are also some color roles and if you would like a more specific color, just ask! ^_^

Friendly Land is a fun lace to build things, hangout, and explore! We have two “towns” in Friendly Land, Cover Hills and Spawn Hills! You can build in either towns. Feel free to ask an admin or Lucas the owner to add a protection sign!

Hello! This is a 16+ hentai server, the main rule is always do an intro!! or you will be blocked from the hentai channels :)

V1olets discord server!

looking for more people to join my server ! Im pretty chill and love to make new friends! 16+ please

Nsfw allowed but only in nsfw channel’s lgbtqia+ safe and cool people with a bunch of bots

Where Destiny 2 players can come hangout and play.

FEROX Racing is a team of sim racers and car lovers. From beginner to pro racers, everyone is welcome!!! At FEROX, we want to make a chill environment for car lovers and sim racers to talk cars and RACE! Races will be held every week with a season end

Small server just there to chat and chill and play some games talk about anime play lotta League/Siege atm

This server is a server for all in one gaming content.