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Set in a small town south of the Kingdom of Vale, over three years after Volume 3 of RWBY, Dubhan is a RWBY RP server where what appears to be a quiet, peaceful village often turns out to be anything but.


DEUGA is short for Discord Union of Epic Gamers and Associates. this server was created recently and as of making has no members

A chill server where people vibe and interact.

My server is here for anyone looking to play video games and enjoys chatting. Also my server loves to enjoy memes so if you got any good ones come and drop by. From the 0wner.

Investing watchlists from US stock market, CAD stock market, crypto and everything in between. Very active chat room with all the information and entertainment you need. Let’s get paid.

This discord server is for hip hop/rap listeners. However we do accept other music genre listeners too!

Hey there, are you looking for stoner friends? Then join my server! We are looking for active members!

Hello, I have made a new server with talkative and friendly people. Our server focuses on clash of clans, such as clan advertisements, layouts, tips, and a great community! If you don't play clash of clans, that does not matter!

Good community for coders and botdevs.

A League of legends community. Find duos, interact with with other league players or get coaching!

An awesome server that accepts everyone, no matter who you are!

Another roleplay made by friends.

AP Study Server πŸ“š Active 24/7 πŸ’¬ Free Tutoring πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Live Study Sesh πŸ’― Study Buddies 🀝 Social Nights πŸ’ž Chill VC πŸ”Š Giveaways 🎁 & more!! πŸ”₯

Our server is focused on building a friendly community and learning Russian together. We invite everyone who wants to learn Russian to join our language learning server. We will be happy to help you with Russian!

Are you looking to make new friends who study as much as much as you? Here at The Art of Academics we are all about sharing, conversation, studying, and more! Our main topic is Academics, but we are always open to new suggestions from the community!