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A community for all Genshin players. just to cill out, get some new companions, share thoughts and talk about your favorites. - with live announcements from genshin's twitter. - stream notifications from twitch genshin players.

We do videochat parties 24/7, nothing else. 2~20 people in each. We're about fun, friendship and collaboration. Often, it's like a party with several rooms open at any time, day or night! RULES: Face on cam Adults only (18+) Good sound

💁‍♀️ei ei, quer divulgar seu servidor TOTALMENTE de GRAÇA e de uma forma simples? então esse é o servidor ideal para você!!

Pásate un rato por mi servidor, encontraras gran diversión, y recuerda que tambien puedes compartir este links, para que llegue mas personas, y así formemos un ejercicio para restablecer la unión soviética, ok, ignora lo anterior, te veo en el servidor.

- conversations about anything you want - emotes - events - movie nights - games - anime streams - a lot of fun! - non strict server - giveaways 1k+ members + We don't abuse @everyone n @here ping, so I bet it wouldn't annoy you!

We are a group of streamers that network and We always have someone to play with. We are small right now but I want to create this community so there is always someone you can play with and voice chats that you can meet me and other people!

This is the place to get assistance with your code or just have a general discussion about programming.

A Pokémon Community where you can play Pokémon games, talk about Pokémon, enjoy regular giveaways and events, and make friends and chat!

We are a active growing community with a variety of bots and we help you to write code/viruses.

This server is mainly made for gaming, anime, art, pokefans, entertainment, fun, etc

Welcome to The Gaming Hut! This is a server for people who enjoy gaming with a relaxed community that's all about having fun!

Hello! The goal of this server is to create a big community of Pacify players so we can all play together. Invite Your friends and look to fill Your squad here. Have fun!

☆ ━━━━ ¡Bienvenido a The ⊚ Wire.° ☆ ━━━━━ ☆ Somos una comunidad Venezolana en donde encontraras gente activa y muy sociable y un ambiente 100% cómodo y chill donde te sentirás bien interactuando con la comunidad, también tenemos mucho mas!

🌎A community with the goal to teach you about trading stocks. 📈 👽 Join now!

This is a server where you can meet new people that might have the same hobbies and interests like yours!!