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This group is made for wholesome people to make new friendships worldwide. You must be at least 18+ to join the group. Also for people who are interested in reviving dead chats! NO inactive members!

SpongeCraft is a Minecraft server network dedicated to prisons. We are currently in development and need of teams/players.

Ah, welcome! I see a new face, (โ—โ€™โ—กโ€™โ—)๏พ‰ greetings to the Witches Brew society! This is a group welcome to all communities, to help tackle studying.

Comfy, Cute, Wholesome and Relaxed Community โค Anime MMORPG Discord BOT, Futuristic In-Space FPS, Merch Store, and More Projects || Socially Welcoming Everyone to Hangout || Fun Game BOTs: Shoob, Tatsumaki, Mantaro, and more to come on request!

Hey tu est sur le plus beau Serveur Discord EVERR (hum hum...) Plus sรฉrieusement tu est sur le Serveur Communautaire de ArtoKan !

We are an active Lost Ark community based on the official EU server, actively engaging in PvE, PvP and GvG!

hello all! my name is Kian and i am a small streamer with a big potential to get bigger if you could plz check out my new server it would be greatly appreciated! things to do-promote your self -have a chat -look for new gaming friends -apply for roles

We are a relatively new server focused on anime and manga Join if you want a small, wholesome, and supporting community :D

16+ Welcome to the BDA, we are an LGBT friendly group looking for likeminded gamers and such :)

cdmgg is the Official server of Codemugg Inc. Willing to watch a meme an hour? โ€˜cdmggโ€™ has got you covered ;)

We have a halloween update out, the map is beautiful. We have loads of regiments open, and standard trainings awaiting for you to join! High Rank and Chief Rank positions are open, try to become a HR or CR asap. Thank you.

Community Discord with a twist

Looking to join a gaming community of fellow streamers, casual, and competitive players then join this discord.

Even though we prefer if you enjoy anime/manga, the server is still open for all! We have multiple channels with dank memer and all there really is: FUN! We chill, talk, have fun, use dank memer, and more! We hope you enjoy your stay!

A 2D Puppet realm set in the magical lands of D&D. Hang out, talk about the show and D&D in general, be merry.

welcome to our vtc virtual trucking compony