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World of Warcraft Raiding guild and community. Started over 3 years ago and have been growing ever since. We do all aspects of the game and even do fun evens from time to time.

Server under construction! We just wand to be a cafe where people can be chill and have fun :3

Pokémon Discord Version is a new and very small Discord server for all things Pokémon! We hope you'll enjoy your time here and help us grow our tiny little community!

(18+, not focused on NSFW) Welcome to Hellenes University of Athens, an AU of the SuperGiant game Hades! In this roleplay, you get to write a character from the game in two different universes: the human world as well as the mythological world.

We are a server in which we come together as a wholesome and awesome community and talk about games, music, and more!

The homestretch is a horse racing simulation type of game that combines strategy with art (optionally) and RNG.

My discord server is basically designed to be a community of people who help people and is also for allowing viewers to know when I stream.

A place to meet new people and have fun in video games.

Do you have a fun Minecraft server experience every day? No? We recommend AVN, The fun server that everyone should have the opportunity to join and make some new friends! Allure Void Network or AVN is a Minecraft server built for the Community.

Welcome to the Island! People who hang out here: Weed growers and weed smokers, crypto, options or stocks traders and MMA / UFC fight fans! If you like one, two or all three of those subjects, you will love our island! Welcome ashore!

This server for everyone that feels stupid but is actually intelligent. Basically for depressed f*cks that want some entertainment or just crazy idiots. This server is ruled by weebs! I often get offended by peoples opinions so sry if I kick u randomly!

Discord server that UNBLURS Chegg answers so you don't have to pay for Chegg's overpriced subscription...

Just a place to hang out and meet some new people, maybe even people to game with if that’s what you’re into. Furry Friendly: if you are being disrespectful you will be banned

Welcome! I shall briefly explain what we are! We are a team of people who find MAPS, Zoos, Racists, Homophobes, etc and report these bad people. We also have an awesome role bot, a music bot, and a welcoming community of people who are great to talk to!