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Discord for any Pokémon card lovers and enthusiasts

We exisr Please join... I habe nothing else to say...

Anime world is a place to meet otakus just like you!

A non-toxic server where you can spend your time and enjoy. Make new friends and play as many games as you want.

Amazing people in this server! We've had the honor to have Activisions very own Marketing Director check us out! We play many range of games and welcome anyone new or pro, but be at least 13yrs of age. -PS4 - Call Of Duty -Modern Warfare -And More !

A AOT fan base server for everyone we do chats , discussions, and give nitro rewards very often other than that feel free to join and have a good day

D++ discord server


The official server for the D++ Discord API library, the best way to create bots in C++!

We are a friendly and supportive community for fiction writers of all backgrounds and experience levels!

👋 Family-friendly ----- 🤖 Safe 📷 Provided content -- 🎬 Sharing knowledge 📠 Blender support --- 🧠Resources

Server for the Pinoys to chill , talk, follow eachothers socials !

just for people to meet new people

Where small streamers, views and gamers meet up. Mediocre and low key, all about having fun, playing Apex Legends, World of Warcraft, Valorant, Smite, League of Legends, Phasmophobia, and more!

What Are We? we are a community that makes you and others feel, safe, kind, and Cozy We Have 1k Daily Laptops, Nitro Giveaway, Bot Premium Giveaway So Get Comfy And Come Join Is Right Away We Got Some Heists!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Just a bunch of bros gaming, we play anything just get us hooked! 50+ bros ready to let you in on this bromance, women included too ig.

uhm this is a lounge where to make friends and uh dont mind my spelling

everyone is welcome come join to have fun and game your ass off