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Sunrise Haiku is the first of its kind, a collection of 575 AI generated Haiku NFT poems. Every generated short poem is in the form of a unique NFT. We intend to release the collection on the Ethereum blockchain around 31st October 2021.

~~~~~~~~~ . 🪐’k-12 🪐 <Melanie martinez inspired> •: active, semi toxic, cool, ^lgbtq+ friendly <3^

Lizardcord is fun-loving community around Reptiles feel free to join and talk with us Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Snakes, bearded dragon all reptile keepers welcome

Here at Team Craven we started from the bottom, just like everyone else.

-anime and manga -gaming -kpop -13+ -semi-sfw -aesthetic white theme -fun bots

We are a cyber country thats social-monarchist Germany, I am striving to get 1500 members which i really dont even need you to be active I just would like a lot of members, but it also is for a reason dealing with cyber country things.

This is the official server for the Randomizer mod! Randomizer is a Minecraft mod with over 15k downloads that randomizes every block broken, including modded blocks and items! Join the discord to report bugs, suggest features, or just chat!

Welcome to the most productive server for students: Study Jungle🐯✨

Un servidor hispano dedicado a un rpg de black clover, obten grimorios mejora tu magia farmea etc etc, Todo y mas en este server!

Are you looking for a server where you meet and socialize with people all over the world? Then this is the server for you.

A simple discord server to chat and have fun playing games

Great server to hang out with your friends and meet new friends. Gaming channels and music channels are available too.

Na nossa comunidade podes participar em torneios, giveaways, jogos costumizados ou encrontrar outros membros com quem jogar qualquer modo de jogo que te apeteça na altura. De que está à espera? Junta-te agora!

We provide Freebies and Code Drops! Earn Rewards for Invite other people!

Dieser Discord Server, gehört zu "Lost-Ark.org", eine Fanseite zum kommenden MMORPG Lost Ark und steht in keiner Verbindung zu Smilegate