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welcome to crinklepilled! this is a server dedicated to enstars, pjsekai, & similar games! with weekly game nights & mudae, you're sure to meet & have fun with people who share a common interest!

A Smash Ultimate competitive server that strives to provide a fun and unique experience for anyone!

YeahWrite is a community of writers dedicated to their craft and their words. Come to read and be read, to grow as a writer, find beta readers, compete in word sprints, and to find your writing home.

This server all about space just in general🚀 We also have channels such as spaceships🚀 types-of-suns🌞 aliens👽 memes😂 and much more! We will also do some server events every month or so to win some prizes!🎉 I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Youtube vs Tiktok ‼️✅ JOIN BEFORE STREAMS FULL UP 💯💯💯

A safe Zone for Artist, Writers, Gamers and Members of the LGBTQ+ community.

A fun and relaxed server with friendly members who are always enthusiastic to chat.

1000 member goal and non-toxic

A friendly community looking to have fun.

Regular dank giveaways + Dank coins for for invites

looking for a server with dank memer????? well then join this server we just got the server from a guy so we are making it better (pls dont make fun of it a toxic 13 year old made this server but server is nice love it)

This is a cannibal town roleplay! You may also be a human (or create your own monster!) . Our server is really tiny but we really do hope to grow! Join if you dare! This place does have a chance at becoming an event by event rp

Elite 4 is a great chill server for some of your favorite topics! Either that's gaming, anime, music, being social, etc. We have many channels that are‏‏‎ designed to talk and have a‏‏‎ ‏‏‎fun time! We have many staff that are active and an active owner.

Literally anything idc what y’all do in this server just follow the rules

It a chilling server full of nice people!