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We are a new cafe and we are accepting anyone! This is where aliens like to hang out!

What can we offer you who joins the Nation? -A fun place where you can listen to music and listen to others sing. -Open up to people and request help and conversations with the owners. -Suggest ideas for the future server.

π€π―πžπ§π πžπ«π¬ π€π¬π¬πžπ¦π›π₯𝐞 ➣Hello, Friends this Support Server to the Discord Bots Musics_DJ and Avenger ➣Friends, You can have fun, make friends, and you can also get free Pro/Premium features of my bots by participating in the Giveaways.

A chill group for any passion, Anime/Movie Nights. Coding, Share your music taste, or just tell us how your day went. We host anime nights occasionally and binge shows if your interested at all,

Here you can play Battlefront 2 with other Star Wars fans on whatever platform you play on (PS4, Xbox One, PC etc). You can also work your way up through ranks in the server by completing set milestones in the game itself...

β™ͺ⁽⁽٩( ᐖ )ۢ⁾⁾ ₍₍٩( ᐛ )ΫΆβ‚Žβ‚Žβ™ͺβ™ͺ⁽⁽٩( ᐖ )ۢ⁾⁾ ₍₍٩( ᐛ )ΫΆβ‚Žβ‚Žβ™ͺβ™ͺ⁽⁽٩( ᐖ )ۢ⁾⁾ ₍₍٩( ᐛ )ΫΆβ‚Žβ‚Žβ™ͺβ™ͺ⁽⁽٩( ᐖ )ۢ⁾⁾ ₍₍٩( ᐛ )ΫΆβ‚Žβ‚Žβ™ͺβ™ͺ⁽⁽٩( ᐖ )ۢ⁾⁾ ₍₍٩( ᐛ )ΫΆβ‚Žβ‚Žβ™ͺβ™ͺ⁽⁽٩( ᐖ )ۢ⁾⁾ ₍₍٩( ᐛ )ΫΆβ‚Žβ‚Žβ™ͺβ™ͺ⁽⁽٩( ᐖ )ۢ⁾⁾ ₍₍٩( ᐛ )ΫΆβ‚Žβ‚Žβ™ͺβ™ͺ⁽⁽٩( ᐖ )ۢ⁾⁾ ₍₍ π–πžπ₯𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞, 𝐭𝐨 𝐀𝐬𝐑'𝐬 𝐁𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭!!!

Well, well, well... look who we've got here. Wait don't scroll by... COME BACK!!! Sigh... can't you do anything right Sakiki?

DJR discord server


Community server for DJR's Twitch/YouTube. This server is for people to chill, chat with others, send memes, play music, play games together and most importantly; to have fun!

Small but friendly Community. Our Discord is centered around Anime and Hentai! Join us now and lets get talking!

Anime, manga and gaming related server.

β €β € β €β € ⸝⸝ β€”β€”β€”- β‹… 𝐀𝐑𝐄 π˜πŽπ” πˆππ“π„π‘π„π’π“π„πƒ 𝐈𝐍 π‰πŽπˆππˆππ†? β–Έ Great! We never turn down new people, and would be happy to have you join this community based around popular YouTuber’s Skeppy and BadBoyHalo’s friendship!!

Share your channel is a discord server made for you to advertise your youtube channel. Advertising in this server can lead to very easy growth.

A Chill and Fun Community for every people. Meet other people who have the same hobbies as yours like yours! We would be glad to be with you all, chill and bond with one another.

MN-Coin meeting point. Download area with bootstraps for free download (is continuously expanded and updated) Database/linklist with constantly updated MN Explorer, sorted alphabetically. Invitation channel free for recommendations.