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Were a new community server that went public lately and is still under heavy development but we want members to start joining! So thanks in advance if you join<33 We are also giving away nitro for one month at 75 members so join and invite your friends

DairoNetwork is a server that aims to create a fun and positive community! We are in development and are looking to build an active/positive playerbase! We aim to create a friendly environment across our Discord/Forums and soon, our Minecraft Server!

An uncensored, fun and chill hangout server.

OxyNessMC A beautiful community

Welcome to Toast World! We are a very new and welcome server! Here are a few things that we have! Our own discord bot, Dank memer with robbing disabled, 24/7 music, Giveaways and more!

Join or be tonightโ€™s biggest loser.

Olรก, bem-vindo(a) รก Cidade de Atlรขntica ๐Ÿ„โ€โ™‚๏ธ, somos uma comunidade de GTAV Roleplay Portuguesa.

I am a twitch content creator that is growing slowly but surely and I would love to welcome you all to be part of a great little community :)

Guys pls support me in this server I will do real money giveaways and a lot more thing you will get free games info and more so join now !

We're a lewd server that is just slowly growing. We have 5 admins and 5 mods with over 60 members total. We accept people of all kinds as long as you're respectful! We'd love to have you join us and have fun with all of us!

We're a, modded lobby provider for Call Of Duty Cold War. Our services include things such as, Dark Aether, Max Level, and Max level guns. (All attachments on guns unlocked.) We sell these cheaper than any other provider. Please join for more info :)

Nothing really special just a chill gaming server

Welcome to XiaoLongBao Community! This is not just an ordinary foodie server, but we have a bunch of amazing members who are fun & talented!

69k discord server


Discord server for all players and games