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a place where we hope your loneliness goes away.

This is System Of A Discord, the official r/systemofadown Discord server: we mainly talk about the band System Of A Down, but we also have fans of other music. Be ready to meet some cool people in our friendly community!

A server to hangout and to have a good time. Some adjustments can be made by the members,but only if we want. For now it's a small community,so we will like to see you join.

__**Welcome to ShiftMC!**__ - A minecraft server. ShiftMC is a development-stage minecraft server. Feel free to support us by sharing this around! IP: ShiftMCraft.aternos.me Join our Discord now! https://discord.gg/SzWWeVQ

A NEW one of a kind Gaming Community that you can advertise your content from youtube & Twitch etc.

**Hey!** **Oui toi, aujourd'hui je vais te présenter un serveur communautaire :** `🎭 -rôles tout le temps mis a jour avec des nouveaux rôles chaque semaine` `🏗️ -Une communauté en construction` `🥳 -Des soirées à thèmes `

A server focused around Clash of Clans with, a fun economy system, town hall level roles, fun channels and bots, and much more!

This server is a community server! There is Art, Advertise YouTube Channel & videos, Music, GIF, Giveaways, Hiring staff right now! QOTD, Leveling System, Allied servers! Photography! And more!

FeaR is a competitive fortnite scrimming clan that trains and improve players whist also letting them have opportunities to make money!

This Discord has grown to include multiple focuses: it's a SFW community for gamers, a collaberation tool for smaller content creators, and the official Discord for the Frakbox YouTube channel. Join our Bedrock Edition Minecraft Realm!

For people in altnernative schooling systems (homeschooling) to socialize.

a sfw, all-ages (13+) community for fans of She-Ra: Princesses of Power!

Reddit's community discord for the upcoming sci-fi FPS from @V1Interactive & @PrivateDivision Disintegration. If you are a gamer and want to have a chat about the game from one of the HALO's creators, join us!

♡ Our server is a safe place for everyone ♡

Just a random sever i made no subject just chatting about random stuff like tv video games memes

Welcome to Comfy Paradise. A nice warm and fuzzy place to make new friends. Talk about games, anime, music. Play games and listen to music together.