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A semi small server with memes, games, and debates. We have weekly events as well.

This is an German Server! Only German and English. This server is about Planes and having fun with friends!

Hey! This is Team Zaxx, and we're looking for people like you to join in with us on our esports journey! We're looking for FN, RL & VL Pros!

We are a fairly new communtiy of gamers and we are trying to expand our community as much as possible. We got a Fairly small list of games we play for now but we will expand in the short future.

I demand u to vibe

A competitive community for the game Team Sonic Racing! Join for some casual Sonic discussions and some competitive fun.

we're a small (but active!) group of teens! we've got gaming channels, lots of bots, and dedicated staff.

Ciao! In questo server parliamo di videogames, anime, manga e cose simili da nerd. Se ti va unisciti a noi, ti aspettiamo! :D

➕➖Need Math help?✖➗ Want to show off your own knowledge? Here, you can post any GCSE maths questions (HOMEWORK😎🤫) and let our community answer them for you or you can answer questions for others to show off your knowledge on maths.

We are a small server, in growth and we love helping people!

✨ 3 Invites = 1 month nitro classic ✨ 5 Invites = 1 month nitro ✨ 7 Invites = 1 year nitro classic ✨ 10 Invites = 1 year nitro 🎀 1 Boost = 3 months nitro classic 🎀 2 Boosts = 3 months boost nitro

Hello beautiful server welcome to the Bear Nation. This server is home to Mr. Bear's fans. This server is all about having fun. There are amazing polls every week and you can play super fun games. You can play dank memer, poketwo, and pokemow.

Hello welcome to GaminDudes amazing server for gamers! You will find several areas for several games! With updates we adding Brand new areas with new games! What we have? -Cool Community -Advanced Bot Usage -Applications! -much more!

Chit Chat is moslty, Vietnamese Sever but alaways welcome people from around the world!

csgo community, just join the voice channel if u want to queue