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Grand Lethal X Revolt Armada a two guild that has merged to bring the fight to the monsters on Monster Hunter series, come and join in the Fight for supremacy!

DGB is a bot that is meant to help grow your discord servers.

Fun place to talk, a good amount of bots to use as well. We like art as well, even competitions for it

British server to chill n dat ygm

Unofficial english Community server for the multiplayer survival game called Last Day Rules: Survival. Best server

A Fun Server with music, memes, games and lots of people

fG discord server


Welcome to fG! The name doesn't really have any significance, it's just two letters on the keyboard. :) We are a kind community that plays games, chats and watches TV and anime.

Boi's Battle Ground is a server specifically designed to accommodate the typical Pokémon sword and shield player! We have a leaderboard system, a server champion, and an easy way to battle with other members! Join today, and help us grow our community!

Just trying to get a concentration of chill Apex players from all consoles

This is a gaming server that revolves mostly around Minecraft. We love all the support and ideas and meeting new people.

Um servidor dedicado a produção de hentai no Brasil.

Just a server that would like to be a game show

Come join the community (basically it's just for fun and for people to hangout)

Two dog packs, in a world where the twolegs are scarce... When a meteor hits, the dogs start developing powers, and end up going against mythical beasts and deadly enemies. The real question remains- what’s hiding up in the mountains?

new discord server about ants & animals

For those with real ambitions. For those seeking glory and honor. For those who want the taste of power. For those who seek knowledge. For those waiting for a divine touch.