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Dies ist ein Anime, Manga und Gaming Server mit NSFW Inhalten und einer Freundlichen Community.

We are an 18+ community with the majority of our server being NSFW, locked behind a verification wall. We are wholesome, love memes, and love to show off ;). We have several bots, including Karuta and Dank Memer. Come and join in the fun!

Salut, te invit la mine pe server aici ne strangem de obicei seara pe voice sa vorbim sau sa ne jucam cate ceva. Daca vrei vino si tu ;)

An unofficial study group for IELTS preparation and the official Discord server for the r/IIELTS subreddit

Welcome to the Senko San Cafe! A place where all kinds of people can come together to make new friends, chill, and have fun! We may have Senko in the name, but we aren’t just solely dedicated to the fluffy fox goddess. In fact, we encourage all manner of

πŸ’œ Hangout πŸ’œ A fun server to make new friends with everyone! πŸ’œ Frequent events πŸ’œ In need of active people πŸ’œ chats and vc’s πŸ’œ Fun bots, great channels πŸ’œ

Welcome to Eorzea Multiverse, a gaming discord server! Our purpose is to help you make friends or potentially meet that special someone. We are recently established, growing rapidly, and have members across several games and platforms!

A growing community server based around gaming and streamers who are involved in the server.

A friendly and welcoming community! Feel free to submit your own artworks!Our moderators are always active to keep the server clean.

A small but active server with friendly people and much more.

A modern warfare SMP. If you are interested or have any questions come ask! This server was created for a YT series/fun place for whoever joins. You can live however you want, it’s all up to you. 30 member limit 4gb RAM Modded

This is of course not for dummies but for anyone to join. I'm not begging anyone to join but feel free.

Trippy's Empire is a fun community server that focuses on the entertainment of our members, via many bots to have fun and use, many different themed channels, many different themed vc's, giveaways, game announcements, and many music bots!

Welcome on the official"Nerd's Bay" discord server! ☠️ (ITA/ENG)

The Vatsim World is a server concerning everything on the Vatsim network. Here we fly on and make new friends. Everyone is welcome to join. Come and give this server a check and hope to see you in the skies with us