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an open gaming server for anyone who joined [ARGMS Hub] all games mainly FPS games

A server where Star Wars fans can Roleplay or talk about other stuff and can get uniqe roles.

Welcome to Chill Resort!! ➥ This is a community server that's focused on finding social interaction and to just talk about anything you want! We have many fun bots to play around with and an active community! Events are being hosted frequently

Hello everyone! Iron Sharpens Iron is a 2 in 1 package. It's 1 server comprised of two sections. We have a Christian only section and a debate section that is welcome to all beliefs and religions. This server is also good for ADVERTISING if you want to

Are you a fan of Darling in the Franxx? Are you wondering about other people that do the same? Or are you just want to raid Arsenal as ace pilots 🤣? Well, this server is for you!

سلام ما از یه سرورخیلی پیشرفت اومیدم ولی به ممبر نیاز داریم تمام چیزهایی که شمابخوای

An all around interest server including Gaming, Roleplay, Dungeons & Dragons and more! Active duty Admins who aim to please and help in any way. Very open and very fun. We do streams, group games and write stories together and create amazing characters!

A Roblox game studio with 1 concurrent game we are working on. Called: Advanced Combat. is basic admin You can just chat around for now.

Join if you are 14 or more bc I don't feel like dealing with under age. Also I don't think this is a right server for you.

𝙒𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚!! Thank you for joining Kings Blade, let's have some fun!

This is an Encyclopedia which is dedicated for humans to learn the Knowledge. Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astronomy, Social Science, Law, behavioral Science and Earth Sciences and more), Mathematics and everything you call as knowledge.

Este server es para platicar tiene rangos,niveles etc es muy bueno No podrás hacer muchas cosas especiales en el servidor, pero aun asi te puedes divertir en algunos canales.(editado)

Fun right at your doorstep for all ages with daily giveaways and people ready to play, New features everyday and if you have an idea you can suggest, Tournaments to Family friendly settings this is what satisfaction feels like

Share your projects here publicly, learn, and meet nerds just like you!

A semi small server with memes, games, and debates. We have weekly events as well.

This is an German Server! Only German and English. This server is about Planes and having fun with friends!