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We are a friendly group that don’t stand for any childish behaviour we play a +18 game and are very dedicated to this game in the fact that the way we Roleplay is similar to life you will make friends and relationships much more along the way.

Video games family/LFG for a bunch of popular games. Everyone gets along and open to add game channels/meme channels/ect. Bring your friends, level up and hop in and make some new video game friends

We are a brand new server, looking for new members to join. Level up by talking and being active, make friends, chat with everyone, share thoughts and much more.

・ ⌗ aris◞ᵎ    ʚʚ ー a fun, non-toxic server for   everyone to chill & make new friends!    .  .. . . . . . . .. .  .. .                   🌻, aesthetic n' simple      🌻,active chats     🌻,medium mod + chill      🌻,minecraft realm

The Abode is your online home away from home.

We all love waifus here and anime join and hangout with us!!!!!

A server for game devs, content creators, artists and more to come together!

With a supportive trading community on your side, retail traders can finally stand a chance!

Heyo!! This is a singing server welcome to all :)) If ur interested in karaoke events, contests, and songwriting sessions - read more!

FanPartrun is a Jojo community dedicated to the making of Jojo fan stories and parts.

We are an advertising server to help you promote your Discord server.

Under construction...

Welcome to The Forgotten Hope! We are a Semi-Literate Discord based WarriorCat rp server focused on providing our members with a fresh unique take on the original Warrior cats books!! Our Roleplay takes places after the destruction of the original clans

You wake up in a forest you have never seen before. It isn't the type of forest you used to play in when you were young. Soon, you find weird things all around, and you have to figure out what this means and how you can get out...

Lagi nyari server discord?? Di ChillZone Indonesia aja.