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Adventure Quest guild server. If you play and are interested in joining our guild. Please join.

「 The Cottage 」 The Cottage is a server for mental health and peer-to-peer support!

Group Roleplay, Weekly Sessions. Many different written plot-adventures where your choices will impact and adapt the story.

Buy spotify, netflix, uplay, origin, fortnite &more Best accounts on discord

A upcoming eSports team. With lots of history and potential.

Roblox exploiting chat talk with other people and get updates to my videos

I want to have the biggest server on discord

Hey there! Our server is all about everything! We mostly prefer games and stuff, but we appreciate anybody joining! We want to become a big community able to talk to each other and have fun! Join now!

We love boba and talking to fellow youths! So join us and we'll check up with ya sometime

This is a place you can call home. This server is a last.io chat. Here we chat about the game and play. The game is a Royale and is 2d. It’s very easy to play and you can save the game without Downloading the game.

This is a giveaway server, when you can get a lot of rewards!! Take a look!

ZZZ discord server


An international chatting and bot commands place with lots of fun!

This Discord server is built for anyone who loves Overwatch, whether that being a competitive player, casual player, etc. all platforms are accepted here aswell, and you will almost allways find someone to play with, if not an entire team, thanks! :)

This server is for people who want lots and lots of porn and fun games. we reach out to hentai and real life. This is more than what you would want. join now for original 25 members, and unlock admin chat groups. You wont regret it.

* ServerCity: Crôwn * *-* THANKS FOR 2500 MEMBERS!! *-* - Fast J4J Room. - We share your servers for 5 invites. - A chat will open in a fixed audience. - All kinds of server advertisements are made except for NFSW. - Purchases are welcome.

A nice play to hangout with friends and youtubers Also a place to support small YouTubers