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This is a new server that i just created maybe u can sponser our give away

I know how pricey subscriptions to homework services such as Chegg / Coursehero / Studypool, etc. can be. I am simply trying to help students with much cheaper and very timely unlocks to questions they need answered.

A place to just vibe and hangout with other people. A safe space for anyone from anywhere. We're new and we hope you enjoy your stay!

It's a pretty fresh server for all sorts of people to come together, talk and get to know other people from all around the world!

Welcome to the Competitive Among Us server Play casual or ranked games with friends and other members We have a ranking system to see who is the best detective/imposter among us If enough people join we will be hosting tournaments with cash prizes!

BOOSTED cool ass chill server, we play games and also just hang out and talk all the time, stream south park and gordon ramsay a lot, anime nights too B)

This is the store that sold all kinds of Pokemon with high or low level, shinny or normal, legendary or mythical. Legal with appropriate prices. Please feel free to check up our stores^^.

🔞This is a hardcore porn server with exclusive content🔞 🔞Free Porn🔞 🔥Sexting🔥 💝Horny Chat💝 🖤Roleplay🖤

A friendly competitive community dedicated to all platforms of Pokémon gaming and a source to promote your discord server, creator content, whether it be a Pokémon or non-Pokémon related.

It's a place to make friends. What else am I supposed to say?

A server to unite a bundle of people to play a majority of games or maybe listen to some music!

corporation find out that Alec has built a machine that can take him into a new a parallel world. They go to where Alec lives and bashes down the door as the door collapses Alec jumps into the MDTM, the leader of the corporation army shouts weapons ready

We are a safe and healthy server for people who want to make friends and want a spot to just hangout We accept everyone no matter what you’re beliefs or political views or what background you may have I aim to make this place active and healthy

This is a discord bot list to place your bots and have fun