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This a gaming server.

This is a community for any and all people interested in computers and programming.

The best Rick and Morty server to ever exist. It ain’t dead and it ain’t crazy, its the right amount of chill. Rules are pretty relaxed too, and the mod team is really chill.

Come here just to hangout and add more people :3

⭐ Wecome to Baeiqo's discord server. Hope you have fun :) - Music - Gaming - Chill community - Sometimes Events⭐ - We give a lot of editing paid packs for free. ⭐ A Chill Rainbow 6 Siege Gaming server, and have many active members, OCE Server`

Server for people that are bored asf and want to hangout with some cool people that can take a joke 🧑🏾‍🦲

Der Server ist hauptsächlich für die Community hier erfährt man wenn ein neues Video auf Youtube hochgeladen wurde oder auch wenn ich Live auf Twitch bin. Das neue an dem Server ist der Giveaway Kanal da wird 1 Mal im Monat ein Gewinnspiel gemacht.

Share interesting audio content on startups. We post highly curated audio shorts daily on -  📰 News and happenings in the startup/tech space 👩🏻‍🏫 Explainers around startup concepts and terms 🚀 Startup success stories and case studies

We hope you like our server!

Join my discord server and have fun

This server is for all fandoms! Talking, owl house, furries, drawing, anime, Hilda. Most likley everything combined. Feel free to join! Read rules and this place is safe for all fandoms! A fun SFW server.

A new server for anyone to join! This is a place where you can come and make new friends, find people to play with or just hang out!

gamePLAY - tai lietuvos žaidėjų ir transliuotojų bendruomenė. Serveryje vyksta dažni #konkursai. Taip pat yra atskiras konkursų kanalas - #dovanos, išskirtiniams nariams. Automatinė rolių prisiskyrimo sistema (CS:GO, PUBG, LoL).

Small, Friendly Furry-Based Server with SFW + NSFW, RP, Gaming, Memes, and more!

A german Gametester Community.