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A dead by daylight group that is still growing most members are active throughout the day voice chats that allow you to talk when playing SWF and KYF and we are starting to host competitions with real prizes.

Looking for a server to chill and have fun? Sick and tired of all the dating and inactive servers? Well you've come to the right place! Join vegas vibes for all the fun in the world!

Protem Haulage is my first owned VTC which is inspired by my great-grandfather. Myself and him were so close to each other, Protem Haulage was known to him very well before he took his retirement. Sadly he passed away but this is a topic he always spoke t

A small Dungeons and Dragons-like roleplay server!

We are a upcoming server with custom features that have never been seen before. We have a dedicated staff team and we hope to see you there.

We're a small community based lgbt+ focused discord server.

Learn how to make money online! Passively and actively!

✨ For all your anime and chill needs, Dreamscape is here to provide a chill atmosphere centered around anime! ✨

welcome to ꪖꪀⅈꪑꫀ 𝕣ꪮꪶꫀρꪶꪖꪗ this is a roleplay server with loads of places to roleplay ,have custom OCs and share art and memes

Dungeons and Dragons 5.e roleplaying and erp server. Level up characters or chat and have fun in and out of character with our awesome and ever growing community of sluts and nerds.

Zyrus community discord will help players improve there skills on fortnite. Our server will help you to make the right decisions to win more matches. We will practice with you by playing zone Wars in creative.

This is the server where a ton of people hang out together. We occasionally do events on Minecraft for YouTube purposes, and we'll notify you a week before the event! We also play Geometry Dash, Terraria, etc. Tons of more games! We have it all!

HearthValley is an up-and-coming community that was built for the sole purpose of providing the best we can to our members within our community, whether you be content creators or ordinary folk who enjoy relaxing and hanging out with others.

Our community thrives of realism, we have commands in place for re-fueling. So if you join us you need to be commited to a full realistic community.

Friendly community server centered on celebrating Eastern culture for both Asians and non-Asians alike! We specialize in providing a warm and safe space for people to hang out. Join us for giveaways, detailed events, gaming sessions, and a whole lot more!