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🎴 Welcome to the Mafia 🎴 We are a chill, growing & active discord chatting and gaming server community. Join to make new friends, play games with friends, and talk about pretty much whatever! Hope to see you soon

Hello ! Bienvenue sur The Unnamed Server, un serveur Discord communautaire qui vise Γ  rassembler ceux qui veulent rencontrer de nouvelles personnes, juste discuter, jouer, ou mΓͺme lire !

Want to listen to a nice playlist? Want to meme? We offer: β€’ music lounge β€’ meme lounge β€’ admin support

Hiii!!! This server was just recently made. We're a gaming server.

Tired of offending mods and their buddies and getting kicked, banned, or muted? Tired of always stepping on eggs shells? Was that racist joke just a tad too racist? Well just like honey badgers, we don't give a shit, come enjoy some freedom of speech!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Noob Friendly Server

It’s just a place to have fun and be yourself

Welcome to Mystic Survival! (Apart of the Mystic Network) Join today to become a legend!

UltimateRPG is the go to bot for any discord server! With tons of features available, you are guaranteed long-lasting fun!

just a average server trying to grow.

This server is a cool place to talk and make new friends! ____________________________________________________________ Join and you can: -text/talk to new people -play games -share music -send nsfw (bots are provided)

pls join lmao we just a bunch of teens I mean simps join pls lez be friends we lonely asf lmao just gonna copy this so yeah pls join lmao we just a bunch of teens I mean simps join pls lez be friends we lonely asf lmao

This server is the community center/social hub for all CGG servers

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