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All PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC players are welcome here! This server is mainly a lounge where you can chill and have conversations with your fellow server-mates.

Rebel against the roblox copy and paste trend

★━━─ Kitty ─━━★ Welcome to Kiti (Kitty)! This server is a Community-Based Safe Haven for any discord user! We strive to make the perfect discord server and make friends in the process. Join us!

At HappyCave we have a lot of funny/useful bots, good server config, roles a Minecraft SMP, and a nice community to play with!

Hey! I'm Onee-chan#0069 and I want to invite you to my discord server run by me and my friends. We're looking for people like you! What do we offer? Shared gameplay, writing, giveaways, notifications of free games, and we're making games in roblox!

We're MutualGaming.io, we're a trusted provider of PayPal giveaways and more with a proven background of delivery of rewards. We're always up to having fun and also host a number of game servers for people to join!

Hey are you looking to meet new friends or talk about ANY topic. Well this is your place. Meet lots of people rn who would love to get to know everybody. IT IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS.

we are a safe place for kinksters that want to hang out & just have fun! or others looking for some fun and kinky! remember to be respectful or I will ban you with no hesitation ~♡ :)

A friendly community server

Community and Anime Server!! Inspired by Alice in Borderland. Small, but aiming to grow. Join if you want to make friends, talk about anime, watch with us, or just chill:)

StreamWorld here we wanna provide a friendly active Community where you can watch Movies or Series in all Genre active updating it we also have others that play games with Music bots and fun activity and friendly

you want to make friends easily with staff & even the owner? Win super cool giveaways? Be who you are as a person instead of an online personality? Even cool looking profile pictures for you and your friends! then our discord server is here for you!

We are here with Anime, Art, chillout, Self promo, give away And many more. Please join our server Its awesome!!!! We have Admin and Mod vacancy hurry and join now!!!

Hexavents - the best Minecraft events server, soon to have long term gamemodes! Have fun.

Looking for a small community? And interested in anime? you came to the right place!