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╰╮tanoshii                  ~ a newly built server non-toxic server for everyone, especially teens. join us now and enjoy !!

This discord is mainly to form a community of hackers as well as for people to buy hacks for cheap from me, i am currently developing a rainbow six siege hack but i have many more to buy from. Stop buy!

Have you ever wanted a friend then this server is for you, listen to your favorite music hangout with each other mods are there to support you in anyway furries are welcome and just have fun

▬▬▬▬▬▬ Prime Promotion▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ➥ A Community themed server where you can promote all your socials and we give advice on how to grow them! We also have a active community with Chill people, staff and owner!

A nice server for everything NFT related. We welcome collectors, artists, crypto developers and more!

System Fantasy is a DID/OSDD and LGBT+ safe space with our own fantasy modded bedrock Minecraft server. Everyone 13+ is welcome to join this non toxic community to have fun and game with us.

The idea of this server is to create a gang and then fight and gamble for money. Every now and again there will be professional fights and tournament fights for money.

We just chill and talk frfr

Magistri is a community to learn and discuss spirituality in all forms. Our goal is to become the front door and community for your spiritual journey. Discuss spiritual teachers and philosophers across time, regions and religions.

Hi, my name is Francesco (Franzz) I'm 19 and this is my discord server. The idea is to create a community that brings together players / streamers of a wide range of games (Fortnite, Rocket League ...) The channels are in Italian! ENJOY!! -Franzz

Mercury Community is a chatting server where you can find great, friendly people.

Siamo due ragazze delle superiori che da poco hanno avuto il sogno di aprire dei platform (come YouTube e Twitch) e un proprio server di discord per far divertire le persone.


This server is For Talking and Gaming And Have Fun With Your Friends

Social server with nice emotes, mainly about the game called epic seven but also other games!

All PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC players are welcome here! This server is mainly a lounge where you can chill and have conversations with your fellow server-mates.