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Come and join us on our server Gaming hangout ' Z. We have very chill and a kind staff community, we have certain bots you can entertain yourself with.

A discord to help streamers grow as a community.

❦ Eye pleasing Server ❦ Movie night ❦ Looking for helpers ❦ Partnerships ❦Stickers ❦ Custom PFPs, Icons, etc. ❦ Gaming channels ❦ Self-roles ❦ Study help ❦ Warm welcome committee ❦ 24/7 Active owner ❦ Bots ❦ Etc! ❦LGBTQAI+ friendly

Selamat datang di WELCOME [ Rocket Penumpang] Roket Penumpang merupakan tempatnya para komunitas berkumpul mulai dari gaming dan lainnya, disini juga kalian bisa memberntuk pertemanan, mencari jodoh, selingkuhan, bapak tiri, dll.

You play a game? We'll have the voice channel! Log in and meet players with similar gaming interests! Join in, play games, have fun, and GAME on!

Your friendly little gaming server!

A server that's looking to grow, a fun space to chill with a friendy community. We also have fun role rewards in the form of medieval European nobility titles, can you reach the top? Also use with Dank Memer as a fun economy bot!

Only kool kyds allowed >:3

We are a small community looking for new active members!

A new server, for people who stays at home because of quarantine/lockdown. Find people to play games with, or ask for either games or movies/series to see while on quarantine!

this is a server where we mostly play video games and chat. More popular games on the server are dead by daylight and Minecraft currently. but we also occasionally play other games .

We’d be glad to welcome you to the 𝕍𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕖π•ͺ.

We in Basement Vibes want to make a secure and safe place where people can be who they want without being judged or scared of rejection.

A discord server based on and supporting ScoopyChu YT