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Place where you can chill out and play games and listen to music.

Just chill, talk and play games.

The (Unofficial) Guns of Icarus RPG Server! Join one of the six factions and lead your team to victory through politics, diplomacy, economics and war in this Steampunk inspired Discord server!

The Road To Recovery is a server dedicated on providing assistance related to mental health and be by your side on The Road to Recovery. We are very community focused to enable people to develop friendships with people of like mind people.

𝕄𝕚𝕟𝕕𝕡𝕒𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕖 is a community server for PUBGM related chit chats, custom rooms, you meet new people here and it's fun.

We're a chill server. Our goal is to make this a big chat zone. Around 10,000 messages daily. Why not come check us out? We offer: 💸 Server Currency used for buying special roles 👮 A chill server with chill staff thats not strict ♻️ 200+ Emojis

A new Wizard101 server looking for friendly, active players! Come join us.

📜Our policy is to be able to deliver accurate information more quickly and in abundance every day.📜 And daily Raids ⚔️, 💯 Pokemon coords and ✨ much more .

THE ROLEPLAY OF IT ALL A community for the people who find enjoyment in storytelling and creativity in all the vast genres of fantasy and DnD story type rp. Wanting to invest time to the continued building of this lore and its story.

Join the Resistance today trooper. The cause awaits you.

Hello! Thank you for looking at our server. If you want a new family or just friends consider joining! We have A Headpat group that loves giving away free head pats. A Validation channel! a venting channel, and emergency resources!

New Community Server! ~ Active members ~ Safe community ~ Fun Bots ~ Active Voice Chat ~ baddies

we are a small server for people to chat and make friends

🔶 Growing Community 🔶 Mature Staff 🔶 Welcoming 🔶 Ranks 🔶 5+ Entertainment Bots 🔶 NSFW Channel & Bot 🔶 Custom Emotes 🔶 Strict Rules 🔶 Non-Toxic Environment 🔶 Music & Gaming 🔶 Memes

<.Sunshine Airways.> Here at sunshine, we strive to make you have your best flight ever! We do daily facts, giveaways etc! We want our community to grow, and you can help by joining here! https://discord.gg/BzgWVH

The official unofficial Corpse Husband fan server! We have a very accommodating and welcoming community here. We play Among Us, talk about Corpse, chat during live streams, and are currently holding a contest for a new animated icon and banner!