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Polkadog is the fastest DeFi meme dog running on Polkaswap! https://polkadog.io/

This is a fun and chill hangout place. My goal is for everyone to have fun, make friends, and and overall have a great experience! I am looking for anyone really. So don't hesitate to join!

πŸŽ€ Musics Hangout! πŸŽ€ Hey hey! Wait! Are you looking to join a amazing server with kind members? Well this ones for you! Musics Hangout is a community group looking for more members.

Its a cool discord server

Hello! We are crew that is based on Ryzen 5 3400g PC and we are trying to please everyone with benchmarksπŸŽ₯!

A hub for gaming/anime fans, just a chill server for you to relax in, make friends, play games and forget about the outside world.

place where u can meet new friend and enjoy your time

Ayyy! Join our server at https://thechillroom.tk! We have lots of fun bots here, such as Dank Memer, OwO, and Unbelivaboat. We also have things like counting channels, and public VCs that you can chill in. Invite your friends for even more fun!

Join the server and make friends! A lot of us are just chilling and hanging out and talking about anything. A lot of us are teenagers but we do make really offensive jokes in here so join at your own risk. :)

We're undergoing a transition at the moment (from gaming to anime) so our server activity is a bit low, we would really appreciate new members that enjoy Anime and Games alike but everyone is welcome!

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NoFap, its just a community that helps each other to stop watching p*rn.

A mysterious island that doesn't show up on any map. Full of signs of human life, yet also lacking in any people living there.

We are CLRP, a PlayStation roleplaying community based on California. We are a community over two years old starting back up looking for community members. We have a variety of departments to choose from. If you think you've got what it takes join our dis