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> 🌠 An Gaming/Sience Company & Community made by the People for the People🌠


DEUGA is short for Discord Union of Epic Gamers and Associates. this server was created recently and as of making has no members

You are learning a language and want to meet other people, who do the same? You are looking for help with learning a new language? Or You are interested in learning a language and want to start learning one? Then this is the perfect Server for you!

My server is here for anyone looking to play video games and enjoys chatting. Also my server loves to enjoy memes so if you got any good ones come and drop by. From the 0wner.

join one of the most popular and fun servers on dayz ps4

We are an International Anime Community Server based in India.

This is a server where anyone is welcome, if you just wanna make new friends, or if you want to post some memes.

The Nest of Horrors Podcast scours through the darkest craveses of the internet for great short stories and makes them into audio productions. The Nest of Horrors community discord server is a place for all;

Seeking a place to share your American liberty& creations? LIBERTYS Hammer is all about collaborating, sharing, conversingand more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community. Thank you.

TheWalkingDeadbyRTP. The Walking Dead backup project by RoadToPetabyte http://pixly.me/rtp We are on 💃TikTok http://pixly.me/tttwd, 💿Telegram http://pixly.me/ttwd, 💬Discord http://pixly.me/dtwd

Another roleplay made by friends.

Roblox Cosmetics Line! Vip giveaway going on! Robux giveaways in the future! At 1,000 we will do a robux giveaway! At 100 members we will be looking for assistants

U҉NICORD҉ is friendly social community with aim to socialise while playing games, sharing our art/design and inspiring each other to create and collaborate. We stream a lot of different stuff and socialise daily.

This is the lounge room, hang out, talk, luagh, chillaxe, have fun, a server for gamers and non-gamers alike, hope you join, but you don't have to.

server with no rules! spam NSFW, say n-word, do whatever. I honestly don't care :D