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A nice community with room to grow.

Our politically and socially oriented community's goal is to bring you freedom of speech with the least amount of limitations possible!

Welcome to Flechering's Community where you get rewarded Pokemon for being active.

A fun new server dedicated to all that is nsfw!

A place where all EN-GENE can come together over our love of ENHYPEN and much more. We are a small community that is looking to grow and become a crazy, chaotic, and even more fun place to be! Come along and accept our invitation to the castle.

This is where Iā€™m a try hard to make the BEST sever I would love if you joined and got me up to 100 people.

Welcome to The Empire! A strategy game focused server that has a Democratic Rank system based off of the 2nd German Empire. We also welcome players of any game and we have a constantly updating feed of fresh memes. Look Forwards to seeing you around!

Senchigami is a brand new discord server created by a group of individuals that love gaming, anime, and of course, meeting new people!

You can find friends here, play games talk about your problems if you feel comfortable.

Short and sweet, we are a server for everyone. Think of it as a bar where everyone can hangout or play games or even have civil discussions. All in all just here to create a community which everyone can have fun.

Game Development | Creative Story Writing | World Building | Artistic Collaboration

Small-New community for adult Weebs. (18+) -art area -anime -gaming -manga -stream rooms -music room Just a good group of chilled people looking to make the server grow! -many fav anime/game emojis

A run down garbage chute of a server, we offer chill vibes and funny memes, games a plenty and even a sports discussion channel for the Chads, we also offer low moderation, we will step in as staff once needed. We offer political debates as well.


Just for sharing memes

join our server today We started 4 months ago and we're growing everyday so hey how about you help a fellow Discord server out Come join us Community based server Friendly and helpful staff Fun bots to play with in the media channels

We are all Friendly peeps here <3