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Planetary Alliance is a international multi-gaming community that initally spawned out of the third person shooter Warframe as one of the game largest alliances i the game. https://planetary-alliance.com/

-----GT | Offcial Server-----

Falcon Trading was established to help introduce people into the world of Crypto and Investing. Here you can ask questions, connect with other investors, and learn the basics without being judged.

““STUDY IN INTEL'S”"" is a global student-run non-profit that aims to help students from around the world in their college and high school journey by providing a fun, interactive community's.

Welcome to Tarkov! This is a new server aimed to bring new and experienced players together to help form a tight knit community!

D++ discord server


The official server for the D++ Discord API library, the best way to create bots in C++!

Seiya Online is a 3D, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that puts players of all ages deep into the fantastic story of two warring nations.

♔ » 18+ Community ♔ » A fair male to female ratio ♔ » An active community ♔ » Frequent milestone giveaways ♔ » Selfies, profiles ♔ » COMING SOON: Custom bot with: Economy, banking, custom VCs, role shop and many more!

👋 Family-friendly ----- 🤖 Safe 📷 Provided content -- 🎬 Sharing knowledge 📠 Blender support --- 🧠Resources

This is a Discord Server for people who are interested in learning more about finances and Credit Cards. I came up with this after being a part of another tiny Discord Server and decided to create this.

Just a bunch of bros gaming, we play anything just get us hooked! 50+ bros ready to let you in on this bromance, women included too ig.

What Are We? we are a community that makes you and others feel, safe, kind, and Cozy We Have 1k Daily Laptops, Nitro Giveaway, Bot Premium Giveaway So Get Comfy And Come Join Is Right Away We Got Some Heists!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Where small streamers, views and gamers meet up. Mediocre and low key, all about having fun, playing Apex Legends, World of Warcraft, Valorant, Smite, League of Legends, Phasmophobia, and more!

everyone is welcome come join to have fun and game your ass off

uhm this is a lounge where to make friends and uh dont mind my spelling

A friendly server to make friends, chat and play lots of different discord bots. We are pretty new, we are also planning to hire more staff soon!