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Here you can travel with us Sailor!

Peer-run helpline that is open 24/7

That server for 18+ only because of that category is NSFW.

Hey there! Welcome to Jay's Drug Shack :D This is a server full of emotes (100+ and more coming soon!). Feel free to join!

Welcome to our Indian server official BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA server! We created it to support the BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA community and have fun with other people. Fun and welcoming members!

Hello Guys! I am i need of your help. Please join my server to help me reach 100 members. For more info read "Long Description". Ty <3

Looking for a place to learn forex? Check this out!

Hi im a small streamer who is just looking to build a community...

kink and LGBTQ+ friendly

NEW GAMING SERVER! We aim to help people make new friends, and find people to play games with. While our main focus is Valorant, everybody is welcome here, because we play lots of other games too! Come join today <3 created by twitch.tv/keanu0724

Small but friendly Destiny 2 discord open to everyone.

A Friendly and welcoming Community focused on making connections among new people and helping you get new friends! Come join and get your friends in <3

It's a decent community based on games like Among Us, Minecraft, CODM, Chess and with Movie Nights. Self Promotion is allowed too.

Wonderland is a place for those who's life has been occupied with "adulting" and seek others to connect with. Join us for casual conversations, meet new people and to have a good time! This server is for those aged 25+.

Chill, fun and interactive server where the community comes first.

Hello A lot of people have been getting into stocks lately with all the crazy GME and AMC moves. Here’s a discord channel for people that wanna take it to a new level and dive deeper into the market and have discussions about stock/market related stuff .