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A small community to talk about life, play games, and be nerds! Tons of minigames available and lots of fun to be had. Custom roles and great members. (not to mention, talk about marching band!!!)

For a cup of cofee you are welcome in our cozy corner

We focus on photography and art :) feel free to share what you have worked hard on!

We are a server based on all things Animal Crossing New Horizons! We have free music, giveaways, and much more. Join soon for the opportunity to participate in our next giveaway, which will feature many expensive prizes.

Chum Chum's Basement is a server made so you can meet new friends. In this server you can share memes/pictures and videos, voice chat, talk with friends, and much more. It may seem a bit empty now but i hope for it to have more people later on!

The discord for the best minecraft sever!

we are new friendly server about Anime, Video Games, Music and even a Lewd thingy (no 'irl' NFSW stuff) with more than 30 friendly members that are open with any stuff to chat with some basic rules and a punishment to keep the server clean and fun !

This server is for discord bots!

@everyone - Spotify private accounts - Disney+ - Netflix - NordVPN - Pornhub Premium - Windows 10 Keys - PlayStation Plus 3, 6 or 12 months - PayPal acc

meeting New friends

the server that never sleeps! we're currently trying to grow our server to bring more events to the partyzone!

A friendly community of real humons. We play D&D with DD rules, and we always love more members! Come make a character today!

Partial to cats, but will tolerate dogs (love fluffy) join us OwO or else!

The Official SheepLands MC Server Discord! Join Now! Minecraft IP: Sheeplands.soon.it

Join the server to have fun or talk with other people, many people are always active, but if no one is active then I always will be