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For all the Call of Duty Mobile, Minecraft and PUBG players out there.

A fun place centered around my twitch(splashtheowl) and youtube(Splash Owl) as well as self-improvement with some great people.

we're just a chill server, you should come join us.

♡ This is a place for people who have interest in anime, manga, and gaming it's not always lively so if you wish to see active people please talk in general chat.

It is a server basically for fun, games and memes based. It has all short of things to do like listening music, games, dank memer bot, owo bot etc. you can play games with your friends using gaming chat rooms.

We talk about anything.

Escape From Tarkov can be a hard game to learn, and an even harder one to master. We're here to help each and everyone who joins us!

This is a Roleplay server for MHA and SAO I am using aternos to host two modded minecraft servers. MHA is almost done considering the fact that the map is done and we just need people but SAO is still VERY far away.

This is a community hangout server that is chill. We are looking for members as we aren't too popular, and hoping for some active members too! If you like to hangout, and want to find new friends or have a good time, come join us!

a small anime gaming server you should join

Magnet-link sharing platform for video games, and cracked titles.

A community server for my yt channel Jace YT.

Uneun Sae is a kpop based roleplay server with tons of benefits! Join us!

We are a recently created clan on xbox looking for competitive and casual members who want to play together. Our games include Rainbow Six, Destiny 2, Smite, Minecraft, Modern Warfare, and other.

Get hooked up with sweet new Rocket League rides! Here in RLPS, you can buy, sell, and trade presets in the shop, enter giveaways, show off your designs, and chat with the community. We're looking for new members, and would LOVE to have you!