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Hello fellas welcome to The Island server! Here what we have! ⚙Server suggestions Post your idea! 🪓Find new friends! The place where your find new friends! 🛠Event and Gamenight We do some event and gamenight yall like game

DU is a school dedicated to teaching others! We currently teach: Japanese, French, Art, and Psychology :) You get to pick your own classes and we even have clubs you can join too! We have a Creative Writing, Cooking, and Film club with monthly challenges!

Were a new community server that went public lately and is still under heavy development but we want members to start joining! So thanks in advance if you join<33 We are also giving away nitro for one month at 75 members so join and invite your friends

Best gamer/ mc discord server. We have lots of cool members with cool staff.

This server aims to English speakers who are learning Russian and vice versa. But everyone is welcome! We don't really have strong rules here like a lot of similar servers have. As a newcomer, please be nice to people of our small community. Thanks!

We have an economy, games, music, movies, and a bunch of people that would love to make some new friends.

hii we are a nice chill hangout discord server. we offer a bunch of rewards for being in the server including giveaways like nitro, robux, vbucks or msp vip. ᶜʸᵇᵉʳ is all about collaborating, sharing, conversation, and more!

A server for learning English and French! // Un serveur pour apprendre l'anglais et le français!

We have 64 members at the moment and we are looking for new members to join and make friends

Friendly Server that is open for every kind of Gamer

Here is the best place to trade with Dank Memer. We also have great 'banking' tools such as loans and renting of items such as a laptop or cellphone. We also have BetterShop, the best place to buy items for cheaper than the shop price!

A small community of mature people. It's pretty lonely in the server at the minute and we need some new friends with similar interests!

➻ LGBT+ friendly ➻ Medieval fantasy with no race limitations ➻ Semi-literate to novella writing ➻ Optional religions ➻ World events ➻ Beautiful map with 7 regions for travel, with villages and towns

Join us and find memes, anime and gaming content!

A small and safe server to be yourself <3 !!

Join Big Yup if you are looking for place to freely share trade ideas and want to learn from one another!