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A great place to chat about Reshade, Roblox, Roblox Shaders, and More! Includes Meme Channels, Help with setting up a shader, setting up a server, setting up a roblox game, etc.

Bora trocar uma ideia e jogar uns games

Kazakhstan Казахстан кз kz

A new friendly LGBTQ+ server ! (Yes non LGBTQ+ members may join 😩)

A server in which you can socialize, meme, and more. We are also very banana-themed🍌.

lol cat boys and egirls join

CS:GO Trading Community.

Welcome to Wü-RSE, the Würzburg Chapter of DE-RSE! We are a group of people at the university of Würzburg who care about Software, Research and especially about Research Software.

A Smallish community of people to talk to and to be blunt not a lot of people talking!

Hello, want to be a part of a chill and relax community then you came to the right place! Come and watch us grow!

Join the h religion to be epic

this server is a fun sfw non toixic new growing welcoming server from age 13+

#1 Oldschool Runescape Account Services Provider! Play Oldschool Runescape the FUN way, by checking us out today!