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Here at Numiscord, we have a passion for coin and banknote collecting. We love all thing currency!

cool server I made

R9 Esports is a Community Gaming Server for all games, we also have a esports team where anyone can join so if you need a team, we're the one for you Make sure to join!

Social Server. Under construction...

nsfw, staff apps are still open and vc and rhythm etc etc

A small but chill growing community.We play Supercell and many other mobile games. We Welcome anyone who is looking for a Non-Toxic friendly Environment. Join us, let us acknowledge you and befriend you.

Alpha Skyblock is a new, fun and fully custom Skyblock Minecraft server for version 1.8-1.15.2!! Looking for staff and a very friendly community and daily rewards and key all's! also rewards are given to active players and top players! COME JOIN!!

Discord server for the rpp/obby game YSoD.

this is an experimental server, only join if you're interested

šŸ‘‹ Hello fellow survivors, Iā€™m The Accidental Survivor. I make YouTube Gaming videos! I love survival and crafting games. Right now my favorite is Mist Survival (with The Infected coming in at a close second.) - Join my Discord server.

growing gaming/community server, customized colors & gaming roles. EU/ mostly UK/NA, We play; Apex, Among Us, CSGO, League, Minecraft, Valorant, and a much more.

We are a group of friendly people trying to grow a friendly, funny community which doubles up as a general gaming server and a general, all-around good place to be. We cater to gamers on all platforms, across multiple games.

Hello, welcome to Shinobi Universe. We are an Indonesian discord server where we can play games, chill, listen to music and watch anime. Come join us :D

Friendly discord server with all sorts of chats!

Just a fun server where a bunch of people just want to hang out and talk and play games together. Were a growing community and I'm sure you can find someone to talk too and get along with. Any ideas you have to help grow the server are appreciated!