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glory is a community server with funny members and admins, funny emotes, interactive bots, active chats, pfp channels, confession channels, and cute self and color roles! join today!

Hello ! This Server is all about gaming related things, Giveaways, fun and more. Everyone are friends here. Do join this server for enjoyment!!

The original server for house and techno fans. Find live streams, discover tracks, and enjoy music together.

A place for gamers to vibe and talk (Recommended for ROBLOX players)

come and make friends here on our safe lgbtq server !! <3

A gaming community where everyone is able to talk and chill with others!

- brand new - trying to help grow the community - fun bots - friendly/chill staff - leveling - lgbtq+ friendly - supports blm - self-roles - 13-17 yr olds only hope you enjoy your stay here! :)

JOIN IN NOW 1....BECOME KING 🤴 2....VOTING SYSTEM 🗳 3....ANIME / MANGA📚 4....RARE ROLE GIVEAWAY 🧟‍♂️🦸‍♂️👮‍♂️🧛‍♂️ 5....GAMES🕹🎮🎰 ❗JOIN NOW☺✒

we are a community that specilise in lap dancing and other fun events for vrchat

あ﹒Icons x Banners あ﹒ templates あ﹒ Aesthetic pink x red layout

•Growing server with an established community of core members but adding new people •Game nights that are usually hosted every other night •Semi toxic members with limited rules •Plethora of copypastas, links, gifs, and memes

Surf Club is the perfect place for you and your friends to bond! We're super new and need some community to motivate us! We're trying to implement original mechanics into our game so its not super generic and boring.

Hazbin Hotel college role play. OCs and canon characters allowed. Semi-literate to literate. Just no one liners and use proper spelling

join my server for roblox players! <3

https://brave.com/?ref=sun869 Stocks/shares Crypto Futures Games Memes

🌸 Come & Join Mimi's Kingdom! 🌸 🦋 We're a small semi active Discord server for mainly anime and gaming alike fans that hopes to slowly grow bigger and become more active. Our goal is to help animanga and gaming fans find each other and become friends