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Land of Fantasia is a fantasy based rp that takes a few small elements from Role Playing games in the hopes of providing a more fun rp experience.

We do memes, Nudes, Games, EVERYTHING, tbh just join and fuck about till the server collapses on itsself.

Basically a zombie roleplay! •Fun commands •Cool Mods and Admins •Accepting (:

Warface Battlepass Server where we help each others to finish our task.

You can do WHATEVER you please to do. Show your artistic side. Make friends. Chill. Anything.

This is a community discord server! With channels like NSFW, memes, anime, pics, gaming and etc.

༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ⦁Active chat ⦁Caring staff ⦁Lots of bots »»——————> ⦁Occasional giveaways and drops ⦁Little to no pings ⦁Growing community »»——————> ⦁Highly moderated ⦁Little to no raids •Weekly giveaways

Hello everyone! "DocGenius - The Geniuses" is a gaming and YouTube server aimed at helping you connect, make friends, network, promote yourself and more!

"a small but friendly community!"

A server for people who love discord to get together and have fun and get together in game.

Hello! This server is a gaming hangout as well as a discord server for my Youtube channel! in this server you can mostly just chill out with your friends and socialize about different games, memes, videos, and basically everything else!

Freedom Hub is a server where u can invest in learning how to crack league accounts and make money with it and more stuff :)

Vibe and talk to other members of our beloved kingdom! The more active you are the more exclusive things you'll have.Just a cool place to chill and meet some dope peoples!

The reapers este un server de discord axat pe gaming!

!! As of 09/17/20 we are hosting a 2 week lasting give away for a xbox pc gamepass !!