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The Year Is 2019. We Are Now One Month Into The Apocalypse. We're a friendly community, nice, love to joke around. We'll treat you well if you treat us well, We're SFW though, Chill and all that, And we love suggestions to improve etc. Feel free to join.

Roleplay, raffles, art, community, website building and world building, earn points for being active and win games and softwares/hardware

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Nice server for Anime topic

A server where (ig) memepages unite.

IDK discord server


it's your average dicord server

a place to talk with people and find friends

A fun server for animal lovers or anyone who just wants to chat with outgoing friendly people. Always Active.

Fun accepting community with events, staff, and bots. (1 made by the owner)

The Legend is alive, SubSeven 1.0.7 is out now ready for download.

Just my server for gaming, entertainment and chill chatting.

xth discord server


X T H » This server has an established community of gaming and cutties

A chill server for those who would like to have an awesome, user-friendly and fun time!

Official Discord server for OpenArena FPS game http://openarena.ws/

Tam focuses on people socializing in our unique society

New server with no drama, dedicated to making a comfy feeling server, to help you know that you'll always have friends when you need them most! Bots, well moderated (if I may say so myself), kind people, small friend server, rabbit with a group ETC!