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Ashes of Creation Cleric Class Discord. This discord is to discuss & help each other out with Main Class Cleric & its 8 sub-classes.

֎N1X BOLT֍ Nice stuff we can offer you: ؎ Learn hacking, coding and mutch more ؎ Talk to others like you ؎ 24/7 music ؎ Cool hacking events

The Tea Party is a chill server for those who wish to spill the tea on any matter. Chill vibes, memes, wonderful conversations, lo-fi music radios, socializing with people around the world, throwing shade — The Tea Party has it all.

Ashes of Creation Tank Class Discord. This discord is to discuss & help each other out with Main Class Tank & its 8 sub-classes.

A programming discord for people of all skill levels. Wrote 10 lines of code? Been writing code for 10 years? You're welcome here!

Appnana is a reward based app used for both android and ios. This server is for sharing your appnana referral code with fellow members for nanas that you can use to get free irl money

Text Worth is a budding community of readers and writers. If you like literature, you are in the right place. It is a place to unleash your creativity.

.Developers is a really friendly community for developers around the world. We offer: 1. Newcomer guidance in the field. 2. Assistance with coding issues 3. A fun community to have a good laugh or discuss topics

A pretty fun server with a pretty good group of people. We have bots, news, fun roles, and mods. I’m pretty sure we even have a clone somewhere.

Polski serwer do odpisywania

A customizable server that was made for people's enjoyment. We are open to suggestions and always enjoy interacting with members to help make the server better. I hope that you give out server a chance and ill see you there :D

The Discord of HariusAwesome's bad literature and futile attempt to make something of his wasteful use of everyone else's oxygen

An active laid-back friendly anime and gaming community! Everyone is welcome! Come hang out and chat about anything at all! Events, clubs, leveling system, giveaways, etc.

A chill, friendly community about things such as Gaming, Anime, Programming, Art, Everything! With a custom bot which supports Guilds and more!

Space cats is a server where you can learn coding, or talk about it. It doesn't matter if you are bad at coding, or don't code at all, everyone are welcome here.

-ɴеυɾoϻɑɴϲү- ✰ Cannabis & Psychedelics ✯ Med/Rec ✮ 21+ Only ✭ Hangout ★ Tripsit ☆ Trip Reports ✫ Recipes ✩ Cultivation ✬ Safe server ⚝ No Outside Bots