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Join the server to have fun or talk with other people, many people are always active, but if no one is active then I always will be

The ultimate collection of mmlul emojis!

Want a place where all gamers come together to share the games they love? Game Geeks has the channel, if not suggest it and it will be added asap! live streaming PROMOTE it, we welcome all gamers from pc to mobile, multiplayer to solo, enjoy.

Theme & Watch Face Developers for Samsung. Join Today.

A Roleplay Server Based In World War 3

☁️ 🌹 Hello cuties~! Welcome to our server called Lunar! We are a welcoming, wholesome and SFW community! This is a server where everyone stays comfy and loved~! Our server was meant to be created on AC and anime but it has expanded into something more!

This is a chill 14+ server with self assignable roles with tons of bots commands and more.

After the collapse After the collapse of earth, a few companies decided to put something together in order to save humanity as we know it by integrating tech, synthetics and everything that a human needs into a ginormous ship, at the top of these companie

Mainly anime and art. Gamers welcome.

Revenant starting as an average team in Standoff2 soon reached the top unexpectedly last year, this hear hopes to repeat history. We encourage diversity and activity, if you are an individual searching for a place to stay and be involved. This is for you.

- Community - Giveaways - Custom game servers - GTAV online mods

We are a new Political server just starting out! We have everything from Political discussions, debates, Historical discussion, memes, Shitposting, bots, chill chat you name it. We hope that you can enjoy your stay here as well allow all Ideologies.

Welcome to BNHA Roleplay Hub! Here you can find someone to roleplay with, without having to go through the trouble of joining a big rolepay server! The way it works is very simple, just make a post in the proper channel advertising your roleplay!

This server supports the #BlackLivesMatter we also have music chats nsfw if you like and other chat rooms like gaming etc you can share your youtube videos and advertise your servers or others. If you support #BlackLivesMatter join this! See ya!

We are typology-based server, but we are also many other things. If you like Socionics, you have a place here. Some of us like to game and chat about life stuff. We can accommodate pretty much anyone. Currently in need of some extroverts or thinkers

《<<<Tech_talk>>>》is programming 💻,tech 🔌,anime ✨ and fun related discord server with several #bots ⚙ and fun activities 🎉🎉.