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Yup, it's a cult. Most members are anime fans, especially Durarara fans, but anybody's welcome. If you like to troll, stop on by, I do too. Just don't troll stupidly. No strict rules, we're here to chill and do sacrifices.

Hello, and welcome to Religion Safe Haven. In this server we will hold debates, discussion, and learning sessions. All religions and beliefs are welcome and we hope to grow this server out and become a well known religion debate server.

Welcome to the Toon Lounge, a cartoon themed server with over 100+ channels. We are 100% LGBTQ+ friendly and we are always looking for more staff :)

⛏️ Small Bedrock Minecraft server with socializing , events, and qotd⛏️

Be a part of Ghamer by involving into the game developent and constant updates about our game ghamer that takes place in a desert enviroinment. with 4*4 cars to have fun

Have fun playing games or talk about life

Server Animals Plus is the official Minecraft mod discord server. You will find information about recent updates and more.We invite you!

An up and coming one piece game on roblox.

SpongeClub is a project of Galaxy_Hay001. This server will help you to find your friends. This server can do you more funny then you was. We have many perspectives. Why don't you join our community?

a normal j4j server

A welcoming community where every user gets benefits for just being there whether it be our community driven giveaways, gaming events there's always something to look forward to! - Join to find out more!

Female only server for straight bi sexual lesbian and pansexual. Join a new community to get to know people

Come here! Play here and enjoy here!

Welcome to the first Golf Impact Server in the world ! I want to thank everyone who do appreciate the hard word and the gaming world Enjoy everyone and feel free to DM me if you need anything 🙂