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Unofficial Discord Server for Playdead's INSIDE. Join the community and talk about the game, the lore, share art, and more!

🔮 Was ist PORTAL? 🔮 Portal ist eine Community die sich auf Gaming, Lifestyle und und und spezifiziert. ✅

A german Gametester Community.

Howdy, welcome to wave a friendly, chill server. Have a fun time in there bye!

Hey, we're just a group of teenagers looking to chill out, date, idk do whatever. Verification to join the server is required

Pokemon and entertainment. And YouTube. lots of YouTube and games. Advertise your channel here! Also chill with some buddies! This server is Swearing free!

Zayther's server is home to a fabulous community of game developers and gamers alike! Join and discuss game dev with Zayther and his community from his YouTube channel and get insider looks on his games. Can't wait to see you there! :)

Hey all! Some of you out there may already know me by chance, but my name is Husky and no, I'm not a furry. However, what I am is a person who is trying to gather supporters of my gaming channel here that I want to cover all games people want.

A diverse community. Friendly chats. Events. Giveaways.

Приветствую тебя на сервере 🌀UbisoftGamesPC🌀 по серии игр компании Ubisoft. Здесь ты найдешь друзей для общения и совместной игры. Пожалуйста ознакомся с правилами #🚨rules и обязательно присвой себе роли на сервере в #✨auto-role

Share, collaborate, discuss and get feedback in pursuit of artistic growth!

For those who are isolated, housebound, agoraphobic, reclusive or hermetic.

We are new startup server looking for people to play among us with go check us out and tell your friends. We would love to have you join this server and spend some great times with friends. DM me @Zello#6328 for more info.

A community for finding a life partner.

A friendly server open to anyone looking to make new friends from all over the world. Come join and hang out with your friends.

hey all! i’m Sylvia and i’m the owner of Sylcord. I’ve created this community server to better connect with people and friends, talk about games and tv shows or simply random things, voice chats occasionally and roles of your choice.