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Server For fortnite Account trading - selling - buying

\(ļæ£ļø¶ļæ£*\)) š™’š™š™šš™§š™š š™’š™šš™šš™—'š™Ø (š™–š™£š™™ š™£š™¤š™£ š™¬š™šš™šš™—š™Ø) š™˜š™–š™£ š™¢š™šš™šš™© š™–š™£š™™ š™¢š™–š™ š™š š™›š™§š™žš™šš™£š™™š™Ø! š•Žš•– š•”š•š•’š•Ŗ š•˜š•’š•žš•–š•¤ š•„š• š•˜š•–š•„š•™š•–š•£, š•š•’š•¦š•˜š•™ š•„š• š•˜š•–š•„š•™š•–š•£, š•’š•Ÿš•• š•žš•’š•œš•– š•—š•£š•šš•–š•Ÿš••š•¤ š•„š• š•˜š•–š•„š•™š•–š•£.

Gaming Community for all platforms for gamers who want to hangout & make friends to game with online. We have all kinds of fun gaming night events, giveaways! & all type of popular online voice chats for that game you getting into. All games welcome.

We are looking to recruit ACTIVE, ENGLISH-SPEAKING DOTA2 PLAYERS only. LFG and Giveaways!


Everyone is welcome on our server, Human Goodness, where you can talk to strangers, RP with strangers, or just watch strangers RPing. We believe in not censoring ourselves, though nothing is meant to offend others. The rules are lax, but very fair-

We are a Virtual Airline called Central Airline based on Real Flight Simulator, please join if you are interested in flying with us when we do events. Please see our description for more details!

Shadow pact are a gaming community who enjoy getting together to play a variety of games. We enjoy helping each other through game guides tips or teaming up to get game missions done. Its a good, laid back, welcoming community.

A anime, art and social focused community. We encourage members to join and share their interests and express their creativity.

This is a server that gets a new theme approximately every month. In this case, it's now Halloween! In the server it is possible to talk and chat with others. We have separate channels such as gaming and spawn.

----- ABOUT US: ----- We are a Gen Z community server that is growing exponentially and we would love for you to become part of us! We have many great features exclusive to our server and we hope you will appreciate what we have in store for you!

This is a new community dedicated to the crypto trader. We focus on different trading styles, education and support of the group to be as knowledgeable and profitable as possible.

Decentralized Adult Marketplace - Masternodes - SHA256 - Affiliate Program. Buy and Sell Sexual-related Products and Services with Anyone Worldwide, on the Pornpoint Decentralized Marketplace Platform.

The best place to find the games, that will relax you and take you to Euphoria. Let us led the way, Help each other share the Games big or small that you can waste mindless hours away and worry about nothing for that time you are in Utopia.

-------NSFW HENTAI COMMUNITY!------- join this server just for hentai and anime! With chatrooms for just about everything uwu, and fun themed bots! lets make an awesome, chill, and lewd server for everyone! Hope to see you there!