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new wadbot server

A semi small server with memes, games, and debates. We have weekly events as well.

This is a server is for help on networks, internet problems, router problems, learn how a network works, learn where to get the best security, find out where to get good products for a network, ask experienced network professionals

Dank Champions is a place where you can grind on dank memer, watch sum cool animals, trade, bet, and more!

We offer Cold War accs/mod menu/and lobbies. Join the disc for FAQ and info about pricing!

This was made for my Youtube channel, but is also a place to converse and meet new people.

This server is made for gaming. This server doesn't have many people (or maybe now it does), but with you we can come one step closer to being a community.

Small community server looking for new people to join to meet and make new friends.

Rise and Welcome to TecZers. If videos and games can make you dream and be creative, then you can execute and take action for your own success. that´s what we do here. Who we are The Team, E-Sports Team, Community, and Companion you will ever need.

come join my sfw server and help it grow

Hello! This is a community server where you can chill and just relax! You can try to win upcoming giveaways, make friends, listen to music, and vibe! Try to hit level 50!

This is a server dedicated to my stream, i want to find away to appeal to more people so feel free to join in the server!

As the first anemo claymore, Sayu has a lot to offer. We offer build guides, theorycrafting, lore, and much more! Join our community!

Welcome to the unofficial Discord for the big lad Memeulous, with lots of interesting channels.

Are you a gamer, geek or otaku? Do you like cats? Than I'm looking for you! 🌸🐾 Join my server and find new friends 🐾🌸 You can play games, talk about anime or geek about many other things :3 🌸🐾