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🌿 A fun and creative artist server with challenges, shops, chats, lots of amazing friendly people.


Polski serwer discord, do ciekawych rozmów, angażujących gier... Do tego wszystkiego Andrzej duda wtrącający swoje 3 grosze

Gaming community looking for member and expanding past gaming.

Twitch streaming network is a place for streamers to play and network with other streamers

Looking for new members * A fun roleplay environment * Staff applications open * A place where all Maze Runner fans can hang out

Only kool kyds allowed >:3

We are a group of friends that like to play Call of Duty: Warzone. This server runs: - Free and Paid Tournaments - Scrims -FFA and Pickup Lobbies

A rootin' tootin' server full o' cowboy emojis for nitro. Yeehaw!

bee swarm simulator server

Retro Zone, a server designed to bring together Gamers and Anime/Manga lovers together around the world. From various games to various anime, come join us! We'll hope to have you here for a long time, don't be shy or afraid to accept the challenge!

Hang out with other gamers who play Roblox and Among Us and more! You can also hang out with the youtubestars TheGroupPlayz.

Nexzar Advertising, a simple and a proffesional server to advertise in.

We are still working on the server. We play warzone and other games. You can join us and just talk.

Friendly, active community based around Adobe Photoshop. Accepting members of all ages and skill levels! Got a question? Ask it here. Want to help? Become a star helper and guide new users! Featuring robust staff team and support.

Discord server that 1 channel uploaded all the Unus Annus videos