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We just like to have fun and want new people to join the anime dc server

A very welcoming server which has kind people, you can play with bots, listen to songs, do voice chats and talk with a lot of people here :) please join our server for an exciting and amazing experience.

Простой сервер, создан для общения, поиска напарников в играх и обсуждения разных тем.

Official Pokéyone Bot Discord Server

Join our chill/non-discriminatory smoking server if you need people to sesh with! We have a few rooms where you can game and smoke, or just set up your phone/webcam to smoke. It's still in the works and I will gladly take any suggestions from

A gaming server, some EFT players and looking to branch out.

Hello! Join the bunnie chill discord server! We are trying to find more members for our new server! Were trying to expand our community, make friends, and have a grand time :) We have gaming, study, vent/rant, and music VCs. The age range is 13-17.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Doing battle in the cause of Liberation according to the Crowned and Conquering Child.

Yo wassup ? To be honest this server is just a hot mess, like you :))

un servidor que el idioma main es español pero tambien pueden entrar gente que habla ingles u otros idiomas, este es un server chill en el que puedes escuchar musica mientras juegas videojuegoso simplemente escuchar musica.

This is a place we put together for others to learn about Jesus

We are a Star Trek themed fan community.

A place for small boobed girls to post pics, trade with the owner, show off pussy juices, and pee themselves or clothes. Owner is Itsspeacial (me)

we are a chill community focused on Gaming and Anime. 🌸 movie nights 🎀 gaming channels 🌸 giveaways 🍥 & much more!

meet new people and make new friends. play games, play with emotes and maybe join us on our staff team?

Come and join my journey to build an amazing community of gamers.