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Welcome to πšπšŠπš’πš›πš’πšπšŠπš•πšŽ. A server with roles , bots , a really nice community. Make new friends , and have fun! We'll be hosting giveaways , movie nights, game nights as the server grows!

BiFrost is a EPIC RPG Bot based server, we have our own economy and may server perks that will keep you here forever.

This is a server for the Youtuber Cuocs who makes Basketball Video's and edits.

The server is a fun chill place to just hang out and chat, play game, listen to music, watch movies and have fun with friends. twitch channels are allowed to be promoted on the server and any art commissions too. there are rules to the server though

A safe place for lgtb+ members to chill and make friends.

Hi! Wanne join a server thats involved in memes? We have amazing commands like: $cursedimage Will show a cursed image $meme Will show a random meme from reddit $joke Will tell you a unfunny joke! $dadjoke ofc its a dad joke!! $programjoke

A shit hole. Includes nsfw concepts.

We are a community that likes to talk crypto, forex, futures, stocks, indices trading! We offer trading algo indicator package that helps you win trades! ChartZip contains a host of indicators into one comprehensive package.

The Taka is an elite group of Shindo Life Ninja that joined together for the purpose of fighting. The group was founded by Burst_Genesis. In order to climb the ranks you must beat higher ranks and to reach the top you must be the strongest there is.

A Games Community on Discord!

This server is an mythical/fantasy RP server. We regularly add species at milestones of species. We're still trying to grow, so we hope you'll join. We have a large, growing staff team! We have applications open 24/7, but promotions are at milestones.

A nice community to socialize and play games together (league of legends).

A server where Gamers and weebs get together and find new gaming teammates and new people with similar interests!

We do livestreams, events, and are hiring staff. Come join and have some fun.

β₯Hachi's Cafeΰ©­ 𐑺`🍯`κ’· Weekly Nitro Giveaways 𐑺`🍯`κ’· Self Promo Channel 𐑺`🍯`κ’· Tons of Boost Perks 𐑺`🍯`κ’· Active Owner & Staff