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Chess Academy is a friendly, welcoming community for chess players of all levels looking to improve. We offer feedback and advice from stronger players, free lectures, tournaments, and lots more! We look forward to seeing you there!

The Super Mario Network is the only Mario server you'll ever need with a variety of channels, creative ideas and nice community for everyone to enjoy. Games with dedicated channels or categories: - SMM, - Mario Kart, - Mario Sports, - Mario Party.

We are Starting a small community which includes the largets platforms in the gaming world

PantA comes from a greek word that means "anything." Here in the server, we do not only settle with one topic but with various kinds that are represented by clubs!

The Multiverse is a multi-universe roleplaying server where you can make an original character from any universe and bring them into a world where fantasy, science fiction, and other worlds combine. Fall with us into the world of worlds!

I am a small discord owner. This is the first server I made, I would be happy if you joined. Join the server if you're in need of friends.

This is a fun server dedicated to creating lasting bonds. We play games and we have weekly movie nights. Hit us up and try it for yourself. We love lurkers. ^~^

This is a great server for finding people to play with and also to hang out with randoms. Please at least try this server.

In this server we love to chat, game, and have fun! -Spam Channels -Self promo roles -Art flex channels -Roblox Channels :) (We are still working on this server)

The perfect place to chill with your friends, but still has many competitive features, such as gambling, trading and becoming richer than your friends. Want to show off? Invite your friends and make them jealous because of how good you are!

Sell your tf2 keys and items for real games! Invite people with your own invites to get *FREE* Games

Hello & welcome to Central Inn (CI)! Central Inn is a server that, instead of focusing on one subject, focuses on many different subjects, such as: Gaming, sports, homework, and a whole lot more. Our mission is to create a community for everyone.

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Hi guys, This is a discord for my Road to Glory youtube videos and everything else. I upload every day and stream at least once a week.

fun / dating / gaming / more